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Hemp CBD Prerolls
Hemp CBD Prerolls
Hemp CBD Prerolls

Hemp CBD Prerolls

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The CBD Company Hemp Pre-Rolls sold in packs of two. Each pack contains two, 1g pre-rolls. Each pack of our Moon Rolls contains one, 1g pre-roll that has been coated in a high CBD, full-spectrum hemp distillate and rolled in CBD kief. 

The CBD Company hemp pre-rolls are made from trimmed whole buds, not shake or leaves as filler. Using the thinnest possible natural paper, our pre-rolls provide a smooth smoke, toke after toke.

Available by Strain:

  • Bubba Kush (CBD- 21.05% | Delta-9 THC- 0.25%) Bubba Kush is a classic strain. Its buds grow tight and dense with light green hues. This genetic holds true to its kush lineage, with hints of wood and citrus and a lovely nutmeg aftertaste 
  • Suver Haze (CBD- 17.19% | Delta-9 THC- 0.14%) Boasting a CBD content of nearly 20%, Suver Haze is your choice for a smooth smoke. True to its haze lineage, this variety is a top tier flower with a rich and strong flavor profile. Its exotic sour apple flavor and earthy undertones are created by its rich terpene content.
  • Moon Roll - Made with Suver Haze flower, oil, and kief (Suver Haze flower: CBD- 17.19% | Delta-9 THC- 0.14%) We take our Suver Haze preroll to the next level by dipping it in a high CBD, full-spectrum distillate and coating it with CBD kief. 

All prerolls are packaged individually in tubes and shipped vacuum sealed for freshness.