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Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Distillate Terpenes
Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Distillate Terpenes

Hemp CBD Concentrates

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The CBD Company CBD concentrates are second to none. All of our extracts begin with organically grown hemp and are extracted using solvent-less extraction processes. The result is clean, flavorful, and potent concentrates of varying consistencies, flavors, and potencies. 

Our concentrates are available in the following concentrations:

  • 70% full-spectrum CBD rich hemp oil: This cannabinoid and terpene rich amber oil has been extracted using supercritical CO2 and de-waxed to remove residual plant fats, waxes, and chlorophyll. This minimally processed, full-spectrum concentrate is loaded with a range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids.
  • 85% full-spectrum CBD rich hemp distillate: To create our distillate, we take our full-spectrum oil and further refine it through a process known as fractional distillation. This process allows us to increase CBD potency while maintaining the rich cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpenoid profile of our full-spectrum oil. A beautiful yellow/gold color, our distillate is clean, flavorful, and potent.
1000mg per jar.